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A glimpse of "Christmas in Big Valley" before the show.

Christmas in Big Valley begins it's journey each year as the leaves of Autumn
start to fall. From the tools in the shop to the lights on the grounds, production
time is as much a dance as the display itself.

In the shop:

Lights! Boxes and boxes of lights adorn the shelves of the workshop.

Tools neatly line the amber walls...

As they eagerly await...

For production to begin.

A model train silhouettes the window on it's way to the Jamesville Railroad.

On the grounds:

The Enchanted Trail awakens in anticipation...

With only a few months to go, Ron Comin
is busy constructing a display that will amaze
and delight all who see it.

For it is not only a labor of love...

But also a true work of art.

With over 62,000 lights majestically placed...

This forest woodland...

Will soon be aglow!